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Jason SS - Specialized Services & Effective Training

"Communication is essential and the proper use of the medium is important."

BUSINESS ENGLISH and SPOKEN ENGLISH - for effective use of English
First Impressions matter; using proper English can have a lasting effect. From colleges throughout the world to business meetings everywhere, English is without a doubt the international language of communication. In many cases the use of proper English is crucial to building credibility and trust, without which there is little success in the professional or business world. The ability to speak English opens the doors to many professional opportunities, marketing avenues and increased profits.

The modules include Vocal skills and corrective measures, Fluency in English, English Grammar, Communication Skills, Non-verbal communication, Styles of communication, Effective listening, Question formation, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Telephone Etiquette, Creative Thinking, Dramatization and Oratory skills, Accent Neutralization, Overcoming Mother Tongue Influence & Regional Influence, Business Correspondence, etc.

Methodology and Sessions:
Audio, Visual, Lectures, Practical sessions, Role plays, Management Games, Group Discussion, Interactive discussions, Exercises, Work-sheets, Case Studies, etc. Training sessions may be conducted as weekend workshops, weeklong workshops or hourly sessions either daily or on alternate days. The training meets organizational as well as personal needs of an individual as a separate entity and as a part of the team as a whole.

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